House Rules

Your purpose.

This is kinda big one. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time our characters goals conflict, therefore I’m going to sort this out before you even get to touch a die.

Collaborate together on your character concepts. It would make a lot of sense in this campaign if two arcane casters where brothers for example. I’m going to leave it up to you guys where this story goes, but that means I’m going to need a heads up before we meet to prepare the encounters and such. Think of a common purpose, saving the world from evil is a good one. But if you are gonna be a chaotic nut bar, make sure you are all chaotic nut bars.

Your backstory

This ones also pretty much up to you, you can be a heir to a royal kingdom, a merchants daughter, or even a homeless kobold. The only thing you HAVE to keep in mind is you had no idea about your powers up until this point. The setting I’m placing this in was a world where magic was rare, but not unheard of. Your character comes from a lost arcane or divine bloodline that has suddenly manifested in you. Not that your character knows that ;)

Choosing your class.

Anything core you can do without asking, but it has to have full caster progression. You are allowed two base classes and a prestige, but try to not break the progression. It will work better for the mechanic I’m implementing if you can cast more spells. I’m going to pretty much let you kids go nuts here otherwise though. If you want something really badly then I will try to work a deal with you, such as three base classes instead of two and a prestige


But you are going to have to run it by me if its not core. I’m not going to be to much of a dick about rules, but the super secret twist is awesome and I don’t want you loosing out so I just have to make sure your build will work. Same goes for feats

This is a 35 point buy with that 3.5 calculator on the site Brandon always uses.

Optional rules. I will allow unlimited uses of 0 level spells if you take them only from the pathfinder list. If your class isn’t on there we can pick the most fitting one.

I’m also going to need everyone’s primary spell list. If you are a wizard or a Druid and they change just make sure to update me when you change spells :D

If I’m forgetting anything il add it. Sorry about the novel, but what I’m trying to do is sorta complicated so the more prepared I can be the better. The last rule im going to add is more of a warning, this is a game where everything has consequences.

House Rules

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