Spell caster campaign

The Prologue
Oh what fun.

In our first session our characters awoke in a strange infirmary. No one knew how they got there or what was going on. Upon awaking they were lead thourgh what seems to be a maze of hallways and classrooms, leading them to a grand foyer. There stood 4 exquisitely dressed, and 1 oddly dressed individual arguing about something. A Halfling, seems to be leading the argument against the oddly dressed old human. His hair is ratty, smells of dirt, and is dressed in what appears to be animal pelts. You notice almost immediately a red gem on his forehead, it’s very out of place among the rest of his appearance. A tall elf adorned in elaborate blue robes, seems to be trying to settle down the scene. He’s holding a wooden walking cane. The last two, another human and an elf don’t appear to be contributing to the argument, but just standing there exasperated. Both of them stand out as the youngest of this crowd, and even more so because of the flashiness of their attire. The Human has golden trimmed full plate on, and the symbol of pelor is etched into the front of it. The elf girl beside him has scarlet hair and matching scarlet robes, there is a flute attached to her belt and a lute on her back. Each was introduced as a professor to to prestigious school Highwood Academy Head master Grimgos, the elderly elf in blue.

It was explained to our heroes that a strange disturbance in Ebberon had cause them and hundreds of others to have magic manifest in them in a world where magic was on the brink of dying out. Invited to stay at the school , Grimgos has Jarrick (one of his star student) lead everyone else to the dorm. He needed new roommates after the incident with the fire elemental.


The Arts professor Melody asks a favour of Carson. Her niece is coming to town and she would like him and his friends to supervise her as she explores the town.

Jarrick takes everyone to his fightclub to get drunk. They down a raging barbarian, and have a bit of fun swinging spells at each other.


The drunk star elf niece leaves to find the washroom and is kidnapped by a hooded figure.

After frantic searching they find her tied up in the back of the inn, they defeat the hooded figure and uncover a tattoo of a local cult on him. Everyone gets home safely and passes out drunk.

Carson was feeling as though he was lacking in his spellcasting abiliites and went to find Prof. I’kina for some extra help. As he enters her classroom he sees her closing up a trap door. She makes a few jokes about having him go down there for extra credit, but then warns him against it. So of course he decides to go down there.

A cave full of dire rats and magical puzzle doors later, our heroes fight a Quasit, a small flying demon with a bunch of DR and fast healing. So jarrick makes a tornado.

Hilarity ensued.

Im not really sure how to describe this to its full beauty, so i made a MS paint drawing


But yeah, something like that.

after this the session started coming to a close, and we are just gonna say the heros escaped the cave.


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